legends always die hard

I remember crying over you.
and I don't mean a couple of tears
and I'm blue.
I'm talking about
c o l l a p s i n g and s c r e a m i n g
at the moon.

Forest of Dean. I came here once with Mum and Dad. That was years ago. It’s just how I remember it. The trees, the river, everything. Like nothing’s changed… Not true of course, everything’s changed. If I brought them back here now, they’d probably not recognize any of it. Not the trees, not the river… not even me. 


"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them."

The Virgin Suicides (1999)
dir. Sofia Coppola

“i’m at a point in my life where everything is falling apart and everything is coming together at the same time.”

— (via prosaic-wonderland)

bio, because school is going well but everyone says that doesn’t matter when really i don’t matter


I can’t wait for winter because that’s when all mosquitoes die and go to hell where they belong

bio, maybe i can join them